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Dear Community & Content Strategist,

We’re hiring a part-time community and content strategist because we need you to help us accomplish our mission as a company. That mission is to help our clients grow their revenue by $100 million. See, we believe that humans are built to make things. And one of the best ways to get more people making more things is to help them sell those products and services they invent. This allows them to have a bigger impact.

That’s why our mission is helping our clients grow their revenue by $100 million per year. It’s a measure of the impact we’re having and how effective we are as a company.

And that is where you come in!

We’ve reached a point where we need a dedicated team member to focus on fostering and starting community within our audience. Over the last 12 months we’ve experimented with a few ways to do this and have found several things that work really well. And now we need you to take what we’ve started, grow it and make it better.

You can get a rough idea of what we’re going for in our test community here.

We have 5 free software tools that help online businesses grow. We need you to start independent communities for each of these. The goal of these communities are 2 fold:

  1. To genuinely help our audience solve the problems that each of these communities will be focused on.
  2. To grow our relationship with them so they buy our products.

That is why finding the right fit for this role is one of the company’s top priorities. We currently have 1000s of people signing up for these tools each month, but we have a lot of room improvement to accomplish both of the items above.

We want each of these communities to be the best that exist online.

If this kind of community building and content creation is the type of thing you geek out on, keep reading!

What will you learn in this role?

If you are new to startups and come from a corporate background, the pace at which we move will be unformattable for you.. You’ll learn how to move fast, iterate quickly, and put zero value into sunk cost.

There is 0 red tape at Growth Tools. We don’t care about how other people have always done things, how you have always done things, or what anyone's SOP is. What we care about is: 1) you love what you do every day and wake up excited to do it; and 2) our students’ and clients’ success. We ruthlessly measure both of those on a daily basis.

In this role you will learn:

1. How to start and lead a world class online community

2. How to create a content plan for the online community that carries across the accompanying email newsletters and live workshops that you lead

3. How to write emails that our community members eagerly anticipate

4. How to create and host live online webinars that our community members eat like candy and solves their top problems.

You’ll walk away from your time at Growth Tools having started, grown and created content for 5 of the best communities that exist in the online marketing world. These will be thriving communities with 10,000+ highly engaged members. You’ll be in demand and have many options available to you in your career.

Here is our full scorecard for this role

Who will you work with?

You will work directly with me, Bryan Harris, the CEO and our Director of Marketing (currently hiring).

You’ll be handling 4 core areas:

Area #1: Community Management

Area #2: Content Planning

Area #3: Email Newsletter

Area #4: Live trainings

You’ll also interact with all of our core team members on a regular basis. Some that you’ll talk with the most include Chris (Director of Engineering), Bethany (Director of Service), and Jeff (Director of Education).

Where will you work?

We all work remotely and are scattered around North America from Vancouver to Cleveland, and Nashville to Birmingham. That means you have the flexibility to work from home or a coworking location, or to take the family to Peru for the summer and work from your terrace overlooking the Andes Mountains.

We don’t micromanage you. Rather, as the Community and Content Strategist, we expect you to fully think like an owner and lead in your core areas.

You will own 4 numbers:

1. Engagement % of community

2. Click % of community emails

3. Attendance % of live trainings

4. # of bookings/sales from community to our coaching product

What does Growth Tools do and why?

Growth Tools provides the tools and trainings to help online businesses double their revenue in 1 year. Our tools consist of 10 SaaS products that we give away for free. Our trainings consist of a 1:1 coaching business, Growth University, and a series of 4-week online classes, Accelerator.

We believe that the world is a better place when people create and those creations are shared.

Example: I looooove Allbird shoes.

Guess how Allbirds came to exist? A dude, Tim Brown, had the idea for them. And he had enough gumption and know-how to go out and actually make them. Now Allbirds is one of the most successful upstart shoe brands from the past 5 years.

The world is a better place when every Tim out there turns their ideas into real-life products.

That’s why our goal is to generate $100 million in revenue for our clients. That is our measurement that these creations are being shared and real value is being generated as a result.

Do you want to be on the front lines and directly involved with growing some of the coolest and most innovative companies in the world?

If you are interested in leading our communities and changing the lives of 1000s of clients over the next 5 years, I look forward to talking to you.

Chat soon!

(Note: We typically have 100+ applicants for each role we hire. If you want a few pointers on how you can stand out from the pack, read this.)



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